Quantifiable goals related to sustainability

Quantifiable goals related to sustainabilityQuantifiable goals related to sustainability

Our most important impact regarding sustainability is the environment, and within this area it is transportation/CO2.

We have set a goal of achieving a 25 percent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, measured as emissions per ton transported, by 2020. We set this goal in connection with our first environmental report in 2009. In 2017, work continued on reducing the environmental impact and carbon emissions per ton of goods carried. Since the first measurements in 2009, carbon emissions have decreased by 28 percent per ton transported, and we have achieved our goal ahead of schedule.

We see effective logistics solutions as a key factor in reducing our climate impact. This is one of the reasons we are setting up distribution centers in Gävle and Lysekil. This enabled us to replace road transportation with maritime transportation, which in turn reduces the impact on the environment, and to consolidate deliveries out to the Byggmax stores. Purchasing via boats instead of trucks significantly reduces carbon emissions and the burden on the traffic system.

During 2017, Byggmax decided to henceforth purchase only electric forklifts and to switch out the older diesel forklifts. The change is part of Byggmax’s environmental efforts, which over time will drastically reduce the company’s purchases of fossil fuels.

Byggmax’s guidelines for social responsibility comprise a code of conduct for suppliers, ethical guidelines, an environmental policy, a work environment policy and a diversity and equality policy. All policy documents are available in their entirety on Byggmax’s website. 

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