Sustainability at Byggmax


Starting from 2011, Byggmax has reported on its sustainability efforts in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI) framework for sustainability reporting. 

Byggmax is part of society and naturally wishes to contribute to sustainable development. Because Byggmax does not have its own production facilities and instead purchases its materials and goods primarily from suppliers in the Nordic region and the rest of Europe, our sustainability reporting focuses on our environmental impact. Through our participation in the international purchasing group Bricoalliance, we are also able to take responsibility for our purchases outside of Europe, even though the volume of these is quite modest. 

Byggmax is also a member of EDRA, the European collaborative organization for DIY retailers. Through this organisation, we participate in the dialogue with policymakers in Brussels. We also work closely with our suppliers. 

In our reporting, which is done in accordance with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards, you can find information relating to Byggmax’s corporate social responsibility. Our goal is to achieve a 25-percentage reduction in CO2 emissions, measured in terms of emissions per tonne of goods transported, by 2020. We set this goal in connection with the release of our first environmental report in 2009. 

Since our first measurement in 2009, we have managed to significantly reduce our CO2 emissions. This has been possible in part due to our new warehouse in Gävle, which has allowed us to switch out road transport with maritime transport, which has less of an environmental impact. 

We are also constantly working to improve our recycling processes in stores, and in recent years we have reduced the share of mixed waste by several percentage points. You can find our most recent environmental report here for more exact figures and additional information. 

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