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On this page, you can find Byggmax’s regulatory press releases, i.e. press releases containing financial information that may affect the share price. Other press releases can be found under the heading non regulatory press releases.

20 December 2021
During the period 13 December – 16 December 2021, Byggmax Group AB (LEI code: 549300MPJPYQB0KCNH03) (”Byggmax” or the ”Company”) has repurchased in total 424,000 own shares (ISIN: SE0003303627) as part of the share buyback program initiated by the Board of Directors in order to adapt the Company’s capital structure.
The share buybacks form part of the SEK 200 million share buyback program, which Byggmax announced on September 15, 2021. Since the announcement of the share buyback program, Byggmax has repurchased a total of 2,374,000 own shares, corresponding to a capital amount of SEK 200 million. The repurchase program is thus completed since the maximum amount of the program has been reached.

The share buyback program has been carried out in accordance with the Market Abuse Regulation (EU) No 596/2014 (”MAR”) and the Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) No 2016/1052 (the “Safe Harbour Regulation”).

Shares in Byggmax have during the period 13 December – 16 December 2021 been repurchased as follows:

Date Aggregated daily Weighted average Total daily
volume (number of share price per day transaction value
shares) (SEK) (SEK)
13/12/ 50,000 90.1350 4,506,749.25
14/12/ 22,000 89.6454 1,972,197.70
15/12/ 221,894 88.5500 19,648,713.70
16/12/ 130,106 90.6504 11,794,162.24

All acquisitions have been carried out on Nasdaq Stockholm by DNB Bank ASA, Swedish branch, on behalf of Byggmax. Following the above acquisitions, the Company’s holding of own shares amounts to 2,374,000 shares as of December 16. The total number of shares in Byggmax is 60,999,045.

A full breakdown of the transactions in accordance with article 5.3 of MAR and article 2.3 of the Safe Harbour Regulation is attached to this announcement.

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