Environmental report

Environmental reportEnvironmental report

Compared with the previous year, we can see that in 2018, CO2 emissions per ton of goods transported has increased. This is due in large part to the number of boat shipments decreasing compared with last year, which means an increased amount of road freight and therefore an increased amount of emissions per ton of goods transported. That the share of boat shipments has decreased somewhat is a result of reduced purchasing from Asia, which means transport work via boat is inevitably lower. Transport work per ton can be attributed to more purchasing and an increased portion of outward freight from our central warehouses in relation to incoming goods, which means shorter driver distances overall.

We can also see that the amount of goods transported continued to decrease. This can be seen in relation to the reduced net sales for Byggmax Group as a whole during 2018. This generates fewer transported goods overall. Premises, methods of transportation and overall purchase orders that could have an impact on Byggmax’s transportation emissions were more or less unchanged during the year.

Read more about Byggmax environmental work in the Environmental report 2018.

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