Regulatory press releases

On this page, you can find Byggmax’s regulatory press releases, i.e. press releases containing financial information that may affect the share price. Other press releases can be found under the heading non regulatory press releases.

2 May 2011
Key staff in Byggmax subscribe warrants.
Solna, May 2 2011

Key staff in Byggmax subscribe for 565 000 warrants in the newly launched incentive program, and sell 47 000 shares to finance the investment.
In the Annual General Meeting it was decided put an incentive program in place at Byggmax. According to the proposal, a group of key personnel, approximately 20 people, would be given the possibility to acquire up to 600 000 warrants at market price.

During the weekend the personnel in the program subscribed for warrants, and in total 565 000 out of the 600 000 warrants were subscribed. In conjunction with that, some people have sold shares, in total 47 000 shares, to be able to finance the investment.