Regulatory press releases

On this page, you can find Byggmax’s regulatory press releases, i.e. press releases containing financial information that may affect the share price. Other press releases can be found under the heading non regulatory press releases.

16 August 2010
Byggmax in Kristiansand
Press release 16:th of August 2010
The low-price chain Byggmax arrived in the Sørlandet region of Norway today by opening a new store in Kristiansand. The Kristiansand municipality enterprise advisor, Øyvind Laderud  was present at the opening ceremony. The new store is Byggmax’s 16:th store to open in Norway since the establishment of the first store in 2007. Byggmax also opened a new store in Ski today and the plan for 2011 is to open three to five stores in the country. The newly built store in Kristiansand is situated at Buråsen 9.
- We are very pleased to open a store here in the capital of the Sørlandet region. We believe that a low-price chain like Byggmax will be a welcome addition for eager DIY-customers and professionals, says Byggmax CEO Magnus Agervald

Byggmax sell construction materials such as lumber, flooring, dry-wall, cement, windows, doors and paint to both DIY-customers and professionals. The concept is based on offering customers quality products at a low price. Byggmax offer a drive-in concept where customers enter the store with their car or truck and load the goods themselves. This makes it possible for the company to use less staff and the customers save money. Byggmax purchase goods in large quantities and at favourable prices, which further benefits the customer.

Byggmax was established in 1993 and the company has 73 stores in Norway, Sweden and Finland. The turnover in 2009 was 2.4 billion SEK and the company continues to grow. Byggmax have more than doubled its number of stores since 2006 and have set up a target of a total of 130 stores in the Nordic region.

Earlier this summer Byggmax opened a store in Stavanger, and today a new store also opened in Ski.