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On this page, you can find Byggmax’s other press releases of a non-regulatory nature, e.g. news about finding the location for a new store or announcements about the launch of great new products. Press releases that may affect the share price can be found under the heading Regulatory press releases.

3 December 2012
Process concerning customs duty continues
Press release 2012-12-03
Byggmax has received information from the Swedish Economic Crime Authority concerning a permit to undertake a house search at the company’s headquarters, which has attracted the attention of Swedish media. The permit was issued by the District Court of Solna. The search has still not been conducted. Byggmax will fully cooperate in order to settle any possible unclearities.

The issue concerns a dispute between Byggmax and the Swedish Customs Authorithy on customs duty regarding import from South East Asia. Byggmax has been transparent in this issue and distributed a press release on April 4, 2012. Since the press release was distributed, Byggmax has appealed against the decision made by the Swedish Customs Authority. The case now rests with the Swedish Administrative Court.

Byggmax are still awaiting the ruling by the Swedish Administrative Court.