Press releases

On this page, you can find Byggmax’s other press releases of a non-regulatory nature, e.g. news about finding the location for a new store or announcements about the launch of great new products. Press releases that may affect the share price can be found under the heading Regulatory press releases.

16 July 2015
Byggmax sells the property in Nacka and makes a profit of 12 million SEK after tax
Press release 16 july 2015 at 8 pm
Byggmax sells the property in Nacka, where the company recently opened a store. The property was purchased in 2012, with the intention to move the existing tenant within the premises and build a Byggmax store. This is now done, and therefore the property is sold.
The normal for Byggmax is to rent store premises. Sometimes, real estate is bought in order to develop them into stores. This mainly applies to strategic store locations. Currently there is no such property in Byggmax, but there is an option agreement to purchase a property in the future.

In connection with the transaction does Byggmax a profit of 12 million SEK after tax. Total sales price for the shares of the company that is sold is 31 846 662 SEK. In addition the buyer pay back loans of 27 279 714 SEK.