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29 October 2015
Byggmax's marketing campaign in Finland won golden Effie Award
Press release 2015-10-29 at 11 am
Byggmax’s new marketing concept in Finland was rewarded with the Finnish golden Effie Award on Thursday. Effie Awards is the only competition in Finland that measures the results of marketing campaigns. The winning advertising concept is based on a caricature of a normal Finnish man and his way to talk about the benefits of Byggmax's business model. The advertising concept was created by award-winning Creative Director Tommy Mäkinen at Folk Finland.
According to Tommy Mäkinen, Creative Director at Folk Finland, home improvement stores generally strive to profile themselves as family amusement centres offering something for everybody. This gave Byggmax a communicational advantage in the advertising strategy.

– Byggmax is an honest home improvement discounter chain that sells everything you need for building a house, without hassle. As the slogan states, Byggmax sells high-quality building materials at the lowest possible price. From this starting point it was very tempting to create an advertising concept, in which a caricature of a normal Finnish man talks about Byggmax's benefits in a typical Finnish way without frills, says Mäkinen.

Sales increased with 30%
– When the marketing campaign started at the end of April, Byggmax's brand awareness was only 2-3 %. The figures grew exponentially and where during high-season 25 %. We left behind us the local competitors as we took first place in brand awareness, comments Daniel Juhlin, Marketing Manager at Byggmax.

During high-season Byggmax increased its revenue in Finland with 30% compared to the same time previous year.

– We were definitely taken by surprise, as the results were much better than we ever dared to whish for, Juhlin admits.

A good advertisement stirs emotions
Byggmax's new advertising concept has been noticed and it has stirred emotions both for and against. One of the TV advertisements was even talked over in the Finnish Council of Ethics in Advertising.

– Our intention was never to offend anybody and we corrected the advertisement immediately. The correction was made in line with the marketing concept and the corrected advertisement evolved quickly as a new campaign giving us even more visibility and better results, Juhlin says.

The advertising concept will continue next year as new radio and TV advertisements are to be launched.

Byggmax's advertising, media and PR team in Finland consists of Folk Finland, Voitto and Manifesto.

Effie Awards is the only competition in Finland that measures the results of marketing campaigns. Calculated in the number of entries it is the biggest advertising competition in Finland. Effie Awards Finland is arranged by The Finnish Association of Marketing Communication Agencies (MTL).

Byggmax's Finnish TV advertisements on Youtube:

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