Press releases

On this page, you can find Byggmax’s other press releases of a non-regulatory nature, e.g. news about finding the location for a new store or announcements about the launch of great new products. Press releases that may affect the share price can be found under the heading Regulatory press releases.

15 November 2017
Byggmax opens new store in Tranås
Press release November 15, 2017 at 9 am
During the spring of 2018, Byggmax will open a store in Tranås, which will employ 4-6 people.
“We want it to be possible for everyone to realize the building projects of their dreams and we believe that our concept with great building materials at low prices makes it possible”, says Marcus Essesjö, Country Manager Byggmax Sweden.

The new store will be part of the concept Byggmax Mini. This has been possible, since Byggmax has been able to adjust the costs in order to open stores in smaller towns, which we have done in Mariannelund and Kalix during 2017. Byggmax Mini are stores with a slightly reduced variety of products. Online products can easily be ordered on the web and collected at the local Byggmax Mini store, or delivered to your home address.

Byggmax will continue establishing stores at a high pace in as many Swedish towns as possible, in order to offer convenient and cheap shopping at Byggmax to home approvers as well as professionals.