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26 September 2012
Byggmax “Top Climber” in IR survey
Press release September 26, 2012
Byggmax is recognised as “Top Climber” in Årets Börsbolag 2011 (Listed Company of the Year). The survey is performed by Kanton and Aktiespararna (Swedish Shareholders´ Association), evaluating listed companies' financial communication, awarding points based on three sub-categories: Best website for investor-related information, Best Interim Report and Best annual report. Top Climber is awarded to the company that has increased their score the most since last year’s survey.
- As a relatively young listed company, it is satisfying that we manage to create communication that is concise and effective. We produce almost all financial communication ourselves. Do it yourself is part of our company culture, says Magnus Agervald, CEO of Byggmax.
Byggmax´s total score of the three categories Best IR website, Best Interim Report and Best Annual Report adds up to 75.5 points, an increase of 25 points, leading to it´s achievement “Top Climber”. In all, Byggmax was ranked number three in Årets Börsbolag 2011, an improvement from last year where Byggmax ranked as number 10.
- We work with simple and clear formats that are easily recognizable and understood. The process is time efficient and we work closely with the CEO and the Board to produce financial information easy to use and understand. It is very much a Byggmax way of working, says Pernilla Walfridsson, CFO at Byggmax.
About Årets Börsbolag
Every year, Aktiespararna and consulting company Kanton analyze websites and financial reports, bringing about industry-specific knowledge of best practice and the latest trends. 117 listed companies were surveyed in 2011. The survey aims to improve financial communication among listed companies.
Aktiespararna and Kanton announced the results on September 6.
Byggmax sells building materials as timber, flooring, plaster, cement, windows, doors and paint, to professionals and DIY customers. The concept is to offer customers high quality products at low prices. Byggmax has been growing strongly thanks to a clear mission, talent and an attractive corporate culture.