Press releases

On this page, you can find Byggmax’s other press releases of a non-regulatory nature, e.g. news about finding the location for a new store or announcements about the launch of great new products. Press releases that may affect the share price can be found under the heading Regulatory press releases.

9 August 2013
Byggmax opened new store in Larvik
 Press release 2013-08-09
Byggmax opened a new store in Larvik this morning. Byggmax continues to grow and now operates a total of 25 stores in Norway. The new store is situated at Øygata 1.
Byggmax sells construction materials such as lumber, flooring, dry-wall, cement, windows, doors and paint to both professionals and DIY-customers. The Byggmax concept offers good quality products at low prices.

Byggmax is the construction material retailer that Swedish house owners deem has the lowest prices, and according to the “Vi i Villa” house owners panel, conducted in May 2012, 50 % of men and 34 % of women believe that Byggmax has the lowest prices, the figures for the closest competitor are 7 % and 6 %.